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Eco Gauge (Peter O’Donnell & Associates Pty Ltd) has the experience and capability to offer the following energy efficiency and sustainability services:

For Proposed Buildings

We can monitor and ensure that your proposed building design will meet the requirements of the statutory authorities throughout the process, from conceptual design to completion of construction. Some of the services we offer are:

  • National Construction Code (NCC) Volume 1 Section J Review Reports (previously known as Building Code of Australia (BCA) Section J Reports). These NCC Section J Reports are required for commercial buildings and tenancies in buildings identified as NCC class buildings 3 to 9.
  • Basix Certificate. A Basix Certificate is required by the NSW Government's Department of Planning & Environment to be submitted to local municipal councils for all new and altered residential dwelling houses and apartment buildings.
  • Residential thermal simulation assessment. These are prepared using the latest Nathers approved software BersPro.
  • Special energy efficiency reports. Some councils require additional information regarding the proposed energy and water usage with respect to proposed buildings.
We have accredited ABSA Assessors who compile the following building energy efficiency review reports in compliance with local municipal council’s building regulations across Australia:
  • National Construction Code (NCC) Volume 1 Section J Review Reports.
  • BASIX Assessments.
  • Residential Nathers Thermal Simulation Assessments.
  • Individual Council Energy Efficiency Reviews.

As we only require your proposed buildings drawings, materials specification and details of your building services, we can provide these services to any business, anywhere in Australia, for the same economical fee and at the same rapid turn-over.

For Existing Buildings

For existing buildings we can provide a combination of the following:

  • Review your energy, water, and waste consumption.
  • Review your energy tariffs.
  • Conduct office indoor environment assessments.
  • Assess and certify a building's carbon footprint.
  • Evaluate office building operations for NABERS, and CBD - BEEC programs.
  • Compare and benchmark your building's energy, waste and water consumption and greenhouse gas emission to other buildings of similar size and type.
  • Model how a building's energy and water is being consumed.
  • Formulate energy and water efficiency case studies of potential projects.
  • Develop energy and water efficiency initiatives.
  • Oversee the implementation of energy and water efficiency initiatives.
  • Ensure implemented energy and water efficiency initiatives are operating correctly through monitoring.

Some of the tools that we use to achieve the above are:

NABERS. The NSW Government’s NABERS Program compares the past 12 months performance of a building or tenancy by benchmarks to the performance of other similar buildings in the same location. Eco Gauge has assessors who can perform the following NABERS assessment ratings:

  • NABERS Energy and Water Ratings is a star rating system that compares energy and water consumption for a building to other buildings of a similar size and type. The buildings that can be rated under this scheme are apartment buildings, office buildings, office tenancies, shopping centres, and hotels.
  • NABERS Waste Rating is a rating system which compares office building waste produce to other similar sized office buildings.
  • NABERS Indoor Environment Rating compares office buildings and/or office tenancies for Thermal Comfort (measuring air temperature, radiant temperature, relative humidity and airspeed), Acoustic Comfort, Indoor Air Quality (measures carbon monoxide, particulate matter (PM10), formaldehyde and total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs)), Lighting and Office Layout.

Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD). The Commonwealth Government’s Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program is a regulatory program that requires energy efficiency information to be provided through a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC). In most cases, this is required when commercial office space of 1000 square metres or more is offered for sale or lease. Eco Gauge has qualified assessors who can conduct these BEEC assessments.

Carbon Neutral Building. The Commonwealth Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard for building's is designed to accommodate a wide variety of building types in Australia. The National Carbon Offset Standard for Buildings is a tool/standard that assessors use to help measure, benchmark and compare carbon emissions which occur as a result of the operations of a building to other buildings of similar size and type. Eco Gauge has qualified assessors who can conduct these Carbon Neutral Building Assessments.

Eco Gauge has experienced staff, who can conduct the following energy efficiency services:

  • Energy Audits determine where your business or building is consuming energy and recommends practical solutions to reduce this energy consumption. We conduct all of our energy audits to AS/NZS 3598:2014 standards at the level of detail which meets your requirements.
  • Formulating Energy Action Plans which takes an energy audit's findings one step further by organizing them by cost-effectiveness, easiness to implement and, priority to meet targets or benchmarks.
  • Ensure implemented energy efficiency initiatives are operating correctly through monitoring.

Eco Gauge can review office tenancies and buildings for the following sustainable factors with the aim of benchmarking and offering practical solutions to improving the following:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • Waste Produce
  • Indoor Thermal Comfort
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Indoor Acoustic Evaluation
  • Indoor Lighting Evaluation
  • Carbon Neutral Analysis.