Welcome to the Eco Gauge

The energy efficiency and sustainability specialists for all proposed and existing building types. Our aim is to provide independent assessments, which recommend realistic efficient solutions,
with the aim of reducing operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.


Eco Gauge offers the following energy efficiency and sustainability services:

  • Assess proposed buildings with respect to Basix, NCC Section J, and Nathers standards.
  • Evaluate current energy, water and/or waste consumption within buildings.
  • Compare and benchmark this energy, water and/or waste consumption to other building types of similar size and usage.
  • Conduct a site review with regards to modelling the current energy and/or water consumption.
  • Recommend realistic energy and/or water efficient solutions.
  • Formulate this energy and/or water efficient solutions into an Action Plan.
  • Assist in the implementation of viable energy and/or water efficient solutions.
  • Ensure that these energy and/or water efficiency solutions have been installed and commissioned properly.
  • Undertake Carbon Neutral evaluations for buildings.
  • Undertake commercial office building's and/or office tenancy's indoor environment evaluations, which review thermal comfort, acoustic levels, indoor air quality, lighting levels, and office layout


  • Property Owners, Developers, and Investors.
  • Contractors and Sub-Contractors.
  • Project Managers.
  • Architects.
  • Building/Facility Managers and Operators.
  • Interior Designers and Draftsmen.
  • Commercial Building Tenants.
  • Government and other agencies.
  • Town Planners and Building Surveyors.

Industries Sectors

In the past we have performed energy efficiency and sustainability work on the following industry types:

  • Office buildings and office tenancies.
  • Residential buildings from houses to large apartment buildings.
  • Shopping centres and retail outlets.
  • Licensed hotels, motels, and clubs.
  • Entertainment venues eg theatres, libraries, etc.
  • Cafes and restaurants.
  • Educational campuses including schools and universities.
  • Hospitals and medical centres.
  • Factories and warehouses.
  • Defence bases.
  • Prisons, court house and police stations.

Programs & Rating Scheme

These services are designed to meet the statutory requirements for the following programs:

  • NABERS assessments for existing office, hotels, shopping centres and apartment buildings.
  • Federal government Commercial Building Disclosure Program’s (CBD) - Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEEC).
  • Energy Audits to Australian Standards AS/NZS3598:2014.
  • Nathers Assessments for proposed residential buildings
  • Basix Certificate Reports for a proposed residential building in New South Wales.
  • National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia) Volume 1 Section J Review Reports for proposed commercial & industrial buildings.
  • Individual council's energy & water efficiency reviews.